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Alana's Dream


We invite you or your child to participate in a very special book to be published in memory of Alana Yaksich.  

Proceeds will support our mission.

Alana's dad describes her as "an angelic little girl. Her presence would light up a room. She was the child in school that everybody wanted to sit next to and have play dates with. Alana was always thoughtful and mindful of others and their feelings. She was beautiful, funny, and most of all kind. When she was born I knew she would change the world in some way and she did."

Weeks before Alana died her class was asked to write down their dreams. Alana’s dream was that "One day there would be RAINBOWS ALL OVER THE WORLD”.

Alana’s Dream is a little closer to coming true as they show up all the time out of nowhere even on the sunniest of days. To those that were fortunate enough to have known Alana, rainbows have taken on a new meaning although they have always existed.

Now, we all take notice a little differently, as a sign from Alana to slow down, calm our mind, don’t worry about our troubles, appreciate the moment and be fortunate for what we have, to celebrate ours and Alana’s Life.

When Alana wrote down her dream she did it through the eyes of an innocent child. We can learn so much from children and their innocence.

YOU are invited to participate in Alana’s “What’s Your Dream”? Project 

Send us your picture of a rainbow and/or tell us your dream.  

Click the links below to learn how.

World Rainbows

Help us fulfill Alana’s Dream by sending us a photo you have taken of a rainbow from around the world*.

We’ll upload the photo to a special gallery on our website to share with our site visitors. We may even select your rainbow photo to be included in the “What’s your Dream”? fundraising book!

Simply complete and submit the participation form with photo via email to

#AlanasDream, #RainbowsAroundTheWorld, #WorldRainbows

(*photo MUST be an original photo taken with your personal camera in .jpg format)

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What's Your Dream?

Have your child share their dreams with the hopes that we will learn from their innocence. 

We invite children to tell us THEIR dream!  It can be about anything, anyone, or any place. Then, draw a picture representing your dream. Please write and draw as neatly as possible, we may use your dream in our book.

Simply complete and submit the "What's Your Dream" portion of the participation form and submit to:  

#AlanasDream, #WhatsYourDream

Outreach Sub Pg 1 - Dream Project: Services
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