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Below resources & support material that may be helpful in your medical practice, office, or school relative to the importance of yearly flu vaccinations.

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Alana's Story 

Why Get  a Flu Vaccine?   Ask the Yaksich Family

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Niko's Story

Why Get a flu Vaccine?
Ask Niko (Alana's Brother)

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Alana's Story Tear Sheets

Why Get Flu Vaccine?  Ask the Yaksich Family

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Alana's Foundation Brochure

Flu Facts & Symptoms Insert

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Alana Yaksich


Flu Vaccination Challenge


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The Flu

A Guide for Parents

A CDC quick guide to flu facts an how to protect and care for your child if they have influenza

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Ready Wrigley 

Prepares for the Flu Season

A CDC booklet about Wrigley the dog as she helps her family stay healthy during flu season

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Freddie the Flu Detective

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases animated public service announcement, featuring "Freddie the Flu Detective," aimed at educating individuals on how to detect, prevent, and treat flu

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Rozella's Flu-ella

A FICTIONAL children's book surrounds the main character, Rozella, who is concerned about the "flu-ella" and wants to find a way to protect her friends, family, and stuffed animals from becoming ill.

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