Board of Directors


Zachary Yaksich

President & Executive Director

Zachary is Alana’s dad and founder of Alana's Foundation. After the unspeakable tragedy of his daughter dying from influenza, he made it his life work to ensure no one will ever endure the pain and grief of their child dying. A business professional by day, Zack directs Alana’s Foundation with love as part of healing process. His leadership allows him to have a direct impact on increasing awareness about the dangers of influenzas as well as increase the vaccination rates among all populations. Zack wants all parents to know that a simple flu shot could save your child’s life or the life of someone you love. He is a dedicated father to his three children and works tirelessly to provide a loving, stable home and strong example of selfless giving back to your community.


JoAnna Yaksich

Secretary & Board Director

JoAnna, Alana’s aunt and a founding member of Alana’s Foundation, has been involved in philanthropic endeavors since a young girl volunteering at her church. She served on the church board, was the director of their Sunday School program, and was a member of the ladies auxiliary. In addition, her professional background is as a marketing professional. JoAnna was also a past board member of the city of Birmingham and another local charity, Camp-Mak-A-Dream, She now dedicates her charitable efforts to educating others about the dangers of influenza and encourages everyone to get their yearly flu vaccinations in the hopes no one has to experience the death of a loved one from a vaccine preventable disease.


Carlo Bautista

Board Director

Carlo is a marketing professional with over 30 years experience in marketing strategy and tactics in the automotive, food and education sectors. He became a member of Alana’s Foundation in 2009, accepting the invitation to do so from his college friend Zack, after witnessing the devastation and impact of the death of a child. He eagerly represents Alana’s Foundation at various community awareness events and is always seeking to develop and strengthen Alana’s Foundation brand within the community. Carlo is married and the father of two children who often accompany him to Foundation events.


Cassius Drake, MD

Board Director

Dr. Cassius Drake is a board-certified emergency medicine physician, recently retired after 20 years as an attending physician and national award winning emergency department director. He received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and undergraduate degree in engineering from Cornell University. Dr. Drake joined the board in 2018 and brings his passion for healing in all its forms to the foundation. A married father of two, Dr. Drake spends his free time raising his sons and supporting the Jacqueline Drake Gallery, created by his amazingly talented and beautiful wife Jacqueline, in Franklin, MI.


Rudy Gomez, MD

Board Director

A family physician at Henry Ford Allegian Hospital in Jackson, MI, Dr. Gomez has been a board member for Alana’s Foundation since 2014. He is board-certified in Family Medicine and has professional affiliations with the American Academy of Family Practice (AAFP), Michigan AAFP, Macomb Hispanic Coalition Founder, and the Macomb Mental Health Task Force. In addition, Dr. Gomez has served as the volunteer preceptor since 2011 for medical students at Wayne's Medical School Robert Frank Free Clinic in Detroit delivering basic medical care to patients with no insurance. He volunteers at Trinity Community Clinic in Utica, MI seeing patients with no insurance as well. A married father of two, Dr. Gomez received the Good Samaritan Award from Macomb Immigrant Service Center in December 2016.